Vimetco is a globally integrated aluminium Group, with bauxite mines in Sierra Leone, coal mines, aluminium production and processing facilities and electricity plant in China and with alumina refinery and aluminium smelter in Romania.

The Company’s strategy is focused on expanding added value areas of the business as well as securing its raw material and energy needs.

In China, Vimetco holds two smelting plants in Gongyi and a smelter in Linzhou (with overall capacity of 740,000 tonnes), both locations also have imported and domestic cast houses producting value added products (slabs, billets, wire rod). Gongyi smelters’ power needs are fully secured by captive blocks with overall capacity of 900 MW. In Linzhou the Company has a stake in the joint venture with the state energy giant Datang operating two blocks with overall capacity of 700 MW. The Company is finalyzing construction of large scale processing plant in Gongyi next to the smelters with the target output of over 600,000 tonnes of high-perofrmance aluminium alloy profiles, such as CTP plate base, can stock, alloy strips, foil stock, car body plates, etc. These hot and cold rolling production facility will employ world’s most advanced technologies. In order to reduce exposure of own energy generation blocks to the coal price volatilty starting from 2010 the Company acquired interests in adjoining coal mines.

In Romania, Vimetco holds an alumina refinery, recently modernised, that is processing the bauxite, supplying the alumina for Alro, the Company’s smelter in Slatina. Alro produces primary and processed aluminium and extruded products. The quality of Vimetco’s processed products in Romania has been recognised in a number of industries, the Company receiving the NADCAP certification for the aerospace industry.

The bauxite mine in Sierra Leone (with resources base of approximately 31 million tonnes of bauxite), acquired in July 2008, supplies all the necessary raw materials for the Romanian alumina refinery.

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Vimetco has grown from a promising start-up to a full listing on the London Stock Exchange in 2007. Today Vimetco is among the top five producers in Europe and among the top ten in China, the world's largest aluminium market.

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